Morgan County, Alabama License Office

Adult Program

ADULT- To be eligible for the Adult Worker program the participant must be 18 years of age or older; a U. S Citizens or legal alien, a veteran, possess at least one (1) barrier to employment; actively seeking employment; and unable to find employment due to their barriers.  Eligible participants may receive a number of career services, which may include outreach, direct referral, job placement assistance, and labor market information.  Through career services, participants are able to receive career counseling and a comprehensive assessment by the development of an Individual Employment Plan (IEP).

Training Services for those that qualify include both occupational training and/or classroom training.  Training options include the utilization of Individual Training Account (ITA) or On the Job Training (OJT).  The ITA or OJT provides the funding for eligible participants in the form of a grant.

All Eligible Training Providers are approved by the Alabama Department of Commerce Workforce Development Division based on their qualifications and quality of training services.

Priority services are given to veterans, recipients on public assistance and low income individuals.