Morgan County, Alabama License Office

Individual Training Account

One of the primary means of delivering educational or occupational training services for Adults and Dislocated Workers and Youth are Individual Training Accounts (ITAs). ITA services may only be provided to Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) participants by training providers who have applied for placement and been placed on the Eligible Training Provider List.

Prospective education and/or occupational skills training providers must meet specific criteria in order to initially and subsequently retain training provider status. Postsecondary education institutions, which offer instruction leading to generally recognized certification in high-demand occupational skills, and other institutions providing similar vocational instruction services, are among the entities, which may apply for inclusion on the Eligible Training Provider List.

The normal limitation on length of training for regular WIOA funded ITAs is two years. The ITA service delivery model continues to be monitored, revised, and implemented with ongoing success. Based on the principle of customer choice, the ITA is designed to allow each participant to develop a career strategy and to pursue training based on the most effective track for his or her individual interests and skills.

The Central Alabama Partnership for Training and Employment (CAPTE) strives to maximize the number of clients in training through the efficient use of local area funds. In order to maximize the number of participants, the CAPTE Local Board uses cost limitations on Individual Training Accounts.  The maximum amount allowable for ITAs was adopted as follows: